Andy Willis, BCAv has been awarded a National Honour; the People's Honour. January 2019 he was awarded the British Citizen Award for outstanding charity work and services to education.











Andy Willis BCAv is also the Local Winner of the Halifax Giving Extra Awards 2016 and has in the past been a finalist for the Mid Counties Member of the Year. He is also the author of Funding Made Easy and Founder of the charity Banburyshire Citizen Project.


He is a valuable member of society and has raised thousands of pounds for charity through his varied charity work. It is estimated he has raised over £20,000 for the Workers Educational Association, and at least £60,000 for the Banburyshire Citizen Project. Nationally he has helped hundreds of charities raise valuable funds by the book he wrote called Funding Made Easily, which he gave away freely to charities across the UK.


His work nationally has involved campaigning on disability issues for Leonard Cheshire, Alzheirmer's Society, MIND, Age UK, Independent Age,


Locally he has helped many charities through helping their clients or helping them with promoting their services or setting up new services. He is passionate about helping others.


His work has involved working with the poor, people with mental health problems and disabilities, unemployed and sick, through giving information and advice. Many local people are grateful for the support he has given and has made huge difference to the people he has helped and all the charities he has been involved in. It is estimated just within one year of the Banburyshire Advice Centre he has helped people secure £50,000 in yearly client gains. The exact amount he has helped people over ten years for various charities is incalcuable.


At a national level he has worked behind the scenes for ten years with regard to safety of children within schools particularly fire safety, issues concerning swimming lessons as well as improving induction for Newly Qualified Teachers.

This has involved writing to OFSTED, Department of Education, MPs, the Local Education Authority, Health and Safety executive and the Prime Minister. It is hoped all those involved took note of the issues raised from the past and ensured all schools in the UK comply with Health and Safety and that schools adhere to the rules concerning NQT employment and suitable classrooms and classes for New teachers. His work also involved writing about these issues in a TES article under a psydeonymn.


For a time Andy also supported people who have been bullied during their employment.



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